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UEFA Champions League radio live streams

Here you can listen to the matches of the current UEFA Champions League matchday live on the radio. Whether on the supporters' radio livestream or the local radio station in your club's home town - you are and remain live and free on the game.

Round of 16 Season 2022/2023

Elapsed games

onsdag 15.03.2023


Real Madrid

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UEFA Champions League today live

Where can I listen to the Champions League live on the radio?

Listen to the Champions League matches of the current matchday live on the radio webstream and support your team in the top league of soccer. Every Tuesday and Wednesday during the current Champions League season, you will find all supporters' radios and local radio stations covering the Champions League matches here. Live and free of charge!

Which radio station is broadcasting the UEFA Champions League today?

This question, which radio station reports live about the Champions League matches, cannot be answered directly, because there is no central radio stream for the Champions League matches and it therefore depends on the participating soccer clubs. Here you can find the right supporter radio for each club and /or one or more local radio stations that report live on the UEFA Champions League matches.