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NFL Radio - follow the NFL playoffs 2022-2023 on radio streams live

NFL on the radio. On January 14, the NFL Playoffs 2022-2023 will start in the USA, which will reach its peak with the Super Bowl LVII (57) on Sunday, February 12, 2023. At you can listen to NFL radio and follow all results live as well as listen to selected matches of the current gameday.

Note: Not all stations are available outside the US. Please try alternate stations if you run into one.

Super Bowl Season 2022/2023

Elapsed games

Sunday 02/12/2023

11:30 PM

Philadelphia Eagles

On the radio: 94 WIP Sportsradio
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Kansas City Chiefs


Who will raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy on Sunday the 12th of February? Which teams will survive the NFL Playoffs to meet in the Superbowl LVII in Arizona? Follow the NFL Playoffs live on the radio wherever you are. With our collection of free streams of all the radio partners of the various NFL Teams you will never miss a touchdown and will follow every match, until the final seconds run out and the winner will be announced.

Will Tua deliver big plays on the biggest stage to close out a season with notable injuries, spectacular highlights and meltdowns in the pocket. Will Tom Brady produce a miracle in Tampa Bay to turn around the season?

Listen to the best NFL coverage on the radio with sport radios from around the country. Local stations always stay in touch with the biggest fans. The biggest networks like ESPN and Fox Sports deliver expert analysis and the never ending rumor mill, as well as all the latest injury reports and trade talks. We connected all the relevant stations with their teams to give you the easiest way to listen to NFL radio. Tune in to the Dallas Cowboys, follow the Seattle Seahawks and keep up with the Atlanta Falcons.

All you need to know about NFL on the radio

How to stream NFL radio broadcasts?

The NFL has a large network of broadcasters covering every game. There are many local stations covering the games of their respective home teams. Simply choose the match you want to follow from our overview of all NFL matches and click on the stations logo you’d like to tune in to. You can also download the app from the Play Store or App Store to listen to your favorite stations.

Which radio station plays NFL games?

The best way is to check for a local station covering everything around the home team, as well as broadcasting live. We connected the relevant stations with their respective NFL teams and created a schedule with all the upcoming games. You just need to choose todays game and one of the displayed stations. You don’t need to figure out the fm dial to search for the right station. We got you covered with all things NFL.

How to get NFL radio on iPhone and Android?

You can use our free service on every mobile browser. Just click on the game you want to follow live and choose one of the displayed stations. You can also download our free app for Android or iPhone if you like. You just need to search for the station you want to listen to.