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Car Talk

Podcast Car Talk
Podcast Car Talk

Car Talk


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  • #2146: The Clink and Clunk Compendium of Car Noises
    You would think that two guys named after noises would know their rattles and shimmies pretty well, but Click and Clack spend much of this week's show consulting the Ford Motor Company Official List of Car Noises whenever they're stumped. Will this help Greg and his Dodge Pickup or Erin from Colorado get better diagnoses? Find out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2145: To Form a More Imperfect Union
    Nothing succeeds like secession! Or at least that's the thinking as Tom and Ray plan for Car Talk Plaza's imminent secession(from what exactly, we're not sure). But the crazy car problems will of course emigrate to wherever they land. This week's beleagured citizens of Car-Talk-istan include John and his Chevy's 'woobie', Robin's stuck Rabbit and Mazz with her chirping transmission. All this and the new puzzler!
  • #2144: What Transmission Trouble?
    In today's show Click and Clack are confronted with two callers whose car's transmissions are in really bad shape but the boys tell them to do NOTHING! Now, why would they risk their good standing in the local mechanic's yachting club by turning down such potentially lucrative repairs? Could Ellen's starting problem or Tom's electrical issues be more labor-intensive goldmines? Doubt it. All this and a new puzzler, too!
  • #2143: Have You Lived a Good, Clean Life?
    Broadcasting again this time from their new think tank -The Bushings Institute, Tom and Ray advise Cynthia that the fate of her beloved 1980 Chevy Citation is inextricably linked up with her personal life choices. Jim's shaking VW, Eileen's Nissan and Dave's Subaru get more conventional- but equally entertaining- diagnoses.

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