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The Debaters

The Debaters

Podcast The Debaters
Podcast The Debaters

The Debaters


Available Episodes

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  • 1615: The Middle & Petitions
    From smack in the middle of the country, Charlie Demers and Big Daddy Tazz are in Winnipeg discussing if the middle is always the best place to be? Then, Nour Hadidi and Graham Clark sign up for a debate on petitions.
  • 1614: Retro Video Games & Express Your Emotions
    Matt Wright and Chad Anderson take a trip down memory lane in their debate on retro video games. Then, Leonard Chan and Carol Zoccoli have a heart-to-heart debate about whether or not to show their emotions.
  • 1613: Antiques Roadshow & Aquafit
    In this gem from Season 13, Myles Anderson and Ivan Decker deliver a rich tapestry of jokes on the program Antiques Roadshow. Then, Mayce Galoni and Deborah Kimmett try to keep their head above water when they discuss Aquafit. (Originally recorded in May 2018)
  • 1612: Home for the Holidays & Telemarketers
    In this festive classic from Season 14, Lara Rae and Rob Pue refuse to overstay their welcome in their debate on going home for the holidays. Then, John Hastings and Derek Seguin dial it up a notch on telemarketers. (Originally recorded in October 2019)
  • 1611: Movie Musicals & Small Dogs vs. Big Dogs
    More than one Star is Born when Dean Jenkinson and Matt Falk deliver a blockbuster performance on movie musicals. Then, Carole Cunningham and Ted Morris are bad to the dog bone when they discuss the best size for a canine.

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The Debaters

The Debaters

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