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Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Podcast Fortunately... with Fi and Jane
Podcast Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane


Available Episodes

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  • 220. Poly-Interests and Chicken Stock Surpluses, with Rick Edwards
    On this week's podcast, Fi and Jane chat to the new 5 Live Breakfast host Rick Edwards. Fi quizzes Rick on his interesting career in presenting, from Tool Academy to science podcasts. He also updates them on his mission to read a book a week in 2022 and the charms of pétanque. Before Rick joins the meeting, there's online craze explanations, and the dinger makes a return. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 219. Slow Eaters' Tables and French Roundabouts, with Paris Lees
    This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to the author and presenter Paris Lees. Paris tells them about her podcast The Flipside, which offers interesting insights on human nature through two stories that seem opposing, exploring topics such as extremism and forgiveness. She also discusses her book What It Feels Like for a Girl and how she is getting on with driving lessons. Before Paris logs in there is bouncebackability and Boney M. Radio 4’s The Flipside is available on BBC Sounds. Get in touch: fortunately.podcas[email protected]
  • 218. Mind the Camembert! With Liza Tarbuck
    Fi and Jane kick off a new series with the actor and broadcaster Liza Tarbuck. Liza shares the philosophy behind her wildly popular Radio 2 show, stories from growing up with her dad, Jimmy & mum Pauline, and her go-to TV dinner. Meanwhile, to the delight of her cat Dora, Jane has the decorators in and Fi outs her dog Nancy as a festive mischief maker.
  • 217. Racily Adding Sweetcorn, with Clare Balding and Alice Arnold
    In a special Christmas Day edition of the podcast, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are joined by broadcasters and spouses Clare Balding and Alice Arnold. The four of them share a festive conversational meander, covering thoughts on their careers so far, a glimpse of Christmas in their household and reflections on the year gone by. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 216. Another Way of Enjoying Kidneys, with Your Emails
    In this edition of Fortunately, Fi and Jane mark the end of the year by going through some of the best listener emails. Correspondence covers parliamentary operations, military jogging, literary ancestors and much much more. Get in touch: [email protected]

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Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

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