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The Archers

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  • 25/01/2022
    There’s an unexpected guest at Brookfield, and the green-eyed monster strikes for Jill.
  • 24/01/2022
    In the early hours of the morning, injured and in shock, David and Ruth arrive home after a visit to hospital. Ben takes care of them and hears that they hit a deer. Over breakfast, Jill can’t believe no one woke her when Ruth and David got home. Pip explains they didn’t want to worry her. They insist that Ben goes in for his first day of his nursing placement. After dropping Rosie at nursery, Jill broods on not being woken up with Leonard. He reassures Jill that she’s not too old to be useful and advises she needs to listen to David and Ruth’s requests. In bed David and Ruth consider how the farm will cope without them even with some things rearranged. David doesn’t like seeing Ruth in pain and feels the accident was all his fault. Ruth tells him not to worry – they have no choice but to rest. Unable to hug because of their injuries, they hold hands and Ruth tells David she loves him. Pip wonders how they are going to cope with everything that needs doing on the farm this week. Josh says he can help but can’t abandon his hens. They work out what are the current top priorities. They share their concern about seeing their parents so badly injured. Pip recommends Josh first gets Leonard to make him breakfast. In the Brookfield kitchen Leonard reassures Josh that he and Pip are already getting things sorted between them. He’s confident the two of them can survive the week.
  • 23/01/2022
    Ruth drags a grumpy David to a Winter Blues party at Vince’s house. Meanwhile Pip returns home from a day out with Rosie to find Ruth hasn’t prepared the barn as she said she would. Pip gets stressed thinking about how much there is to do tomorrow. Josh says he can’t help – he’s got his hands full with his hens. Tension between the siblings builds as Pip rants about how much she’s got on and Josh says trying to run his own business is harder. In heavy rain, Pip tries to clear a blocked drain. Josh tries to encourage her to leave it but they only descend into a row over who works more. With the pooling water growing, Pip hopes Josh will take on the job of unblocking the drain but he insists he’s too busy. Their only option is to fess up to their parents. At Vince's party. Elizabeth comes across Ruth and David having a tour with Iris. They swap notes on how their grown-up children argue with one another. Later, fresh off the dance floor, David is surprised to find himself having a good time. Ruth wonders which of their children will take over the farm from them. David reckons it’ll be Pip. As he drives him and Ruth home, David suggests they host a party at Brookfield. Then, suddenly, they crash. David calls out to Ruth who can only groan in reply.
  • 20/01/2022
    Kenton and Jolene enjoy Jim’s Mirror Image dancing idea for The Bull’s Valentine’s Day event and give it a go themselves. Kenton injures himself and they decide to ditch Jim’s idea. Later, Jolene checks on resting Kenton. She wonders if they could still go with Jim’s idea if they had first aiders on hand. Kenton doesn’t think it’s the right vibe for Valentine’s Day. The pair of them fall into a smoochy slow dance which appears to help Kenton’s sore leg. Chris shows Alice the unreasonable behaviour he’s cited for their divorce proceedings. He finds this hard and says he can take out anything she’d prefer not to be shared. Alice is adamant that it all has to go down; in fact there’s more he could use. She wonders if they could meet another time to just chat, but Chris doesn’t think that would be helpful for him. Harrison catches Alice at the shop, confessing he's missed her. She says she’s missed him too and asks if he can look out for Chris for her. Harrison calls in at The Nest. Chris has found a torn piece of a photo from the wedding album Alice destroyed. Chris doesn’t want to talk about it and asks Harrison for other news. Harrison’s feelings about being baptised reminds Chris that Martha’s christening never happened. Harrison feels like he can’t move forward until he’s gone through it. He helps Chris pack a couple of boxes and advises him to keep the piece of photo from the wedding album.
  • 19/01/2022
    Tracy and Jazzer arrive to pitch their Valentine’s idea to Jolene and Kenton, confident it will outshine all other suggestions. Jolene and Kenton are wary of Tracy since she turned out to be a double agent with the ReBulls campaign. But this doesn’t put Tracy off and she and Jazzer launch into their routine to present Forfeits and Favours. Jolene and Kenton like the sound of it at first, but as they dig into the details Tracy and Jazzer get increasingly annoyed with one another and end up arguing. This puts an end to their idea being considered. Tom calls in on Chris who’s got his hands full with Martha and packing. He’s moving into the flat above the shop next week. Tom tries to put his and Natasha’s case across but Chris won’t be moved. Later Chris apologises to Tom for being so pushy earlier. Tom accepts Chris’s apology and sees the difficulty of his position as he separates from Alice. They chat about work and then Tom tells Chris that Natasha is pregnant with twins. Chris congratulates him and Tom asks after Chris’ experience of being a dad. Chris shares what he loves about parenting and what he finds tough. The conversation turns to his split with Alice. With his experience of a complicated ending with Kirsty, Tom reckons a completely clean break is what Chris needs.

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