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Radio BadBeatRadio
Radio BadBeatRadio


BadBeatRadio - Only the best Breakbeat!
BadBeatRadio - Only the best Breakbeat!
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About BadBeatRadio

The tracks are being sung in styles: Big Beat, Funky Breakbeat, Break Dance Music, not at all a lot: Golden Age Hip Hop, Hip Hop Electro, Drum And Bass, Electro Freestyle, Breaks and Dubstep, also the splendidly made "Breaks Remix" emphasis is placed on the best performers in the style of "Big Beat". The basis of the ether is the broken rhythm of the past. Typical performers: The Prodigy, The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers, Junkie XL, Fatboy Slim, Apollo 440, or rather their first works. All tracks are chosen exclusively with a positive and good-natured message, which gives a drive and creates a great mood!

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