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The One You Feed

Podcast The One You Feed
Podcast The One You Feed

The One You Feed

So the parable goes, an elder speaking with his granddaughter says, "In life, there are two wolves inside of us that are always at battle. One is a good wolf, w... More
So the parable goes, an elder speaking with his granddaughter says, "In life, there are two wolves inside of us that are always at battle. One is a good wolf, w... More

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  • Real Wisdom for Navigating Mental Health with Ken Duckworth
    Dr. Ken Duckworth is not only an expert in the mental health field but he has experienced firsthand the challenges of having a loved one suffering from mental illness. This experience inspired his work with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), advocating for awareness, research, and better access to mental health care. Ken continues to work to fight the shame and isolation surrounding mental health conditions and to promote openness and compassion in the journey toward wellness.  In this Episode, Eric and Ken Discuss Real Wisdom for Navigating Mental Health and... Understanding the significance of community support in overcoming mental health hurdles How to recognize the power of self-determination in mental health recovery journeys The importance of understanding the impact of family history on understanding mental illness Navigating the complexities of the mental healthcare system and tapping into available resources Foster open mental health conversations by hearing personal stories and experiences Grasping the value of a strong support network for mental well-being Learning to unleash your potential for self-directed growth in mental health recovery Demystify the mental healthcare landscape to find valuable resources Encouraging inclusive mental health discussions through shared personal narratives To learn more, click hereSee for privacy information.
  • How to Navigate Grief: Our Stories of Love and Loss (Part 1) with Ginny Gay & Brandi Lust
    In this special two-part episode of Something to Normalize, Ginny and Brandi each share their stories of losing someone central to their lives and the grief that followed. Grief can be a complex, unpredictable, overwhelming, and isolating experience. And there are so many misconceptions about what it “should” be like. What’s worse than grieving the loss of someone you love and then feeling isolated or wondering if the way you’re grieving is somehow wrong? In this episode, Ginny and Brandi explain how there’s no wrong way to grieve. We can accept our experience, and find a bridge of connection so that we’re not alone in navigating this universal, human experience.  In This Episode, Ginny & Brandi Discuss: What it means to say that grieving is a non-linear process What grief can look like when the relationship was complicated  How to offer compassionate support to grieving loved ones through active listening and empathy The wide range of emotions that are possible during the grieving process Myths and misconceptions about grief, including the “stages of grief”  The intrinsic bond between grief, love, and impermanence To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
  • Why We Need a Different Approach to Mental Health & Wellness with Dr. Tom Insel
    Dr. Thomas Insel, a highly respected mental health expert, found inspiration in an honest comment from a frustrated family member. He was speaking to a group of mental health advocates about the advances in research and treatment when a man stood up to tell him that their family’s house was on fire, and Insel was only discussing the chemistry of the paint. This striking remark compelled Insel to reevaluate his priorities and look for ways to make a real impact on mental health care. He went on to work at Google, where he believed technology could help scale the proven therapies and treatments he had been researching. In this episode, Eric and Dr. Insel discuss why we need a different approach to mental health and… How to recognize the essential role personalized mental health care plays in improving well-being. How to determine the powerful influence of peer support and professional interventions in mental health recovery. Understanding the benefits of adopting an outcomes-focused mental health policy. Unraveling the challenges of addiction and the need for effective understanding and treatment approaches. The urgent need to assess the opportunities of incorporating mental health treatment into other health care programs for holistic care. To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
  • How to Turn Shame Into Connection: Why Normalizing Helps Us with Ginny Gay & Brandi Lust
    Have you ever felt like this? That showing vulnerability is weakness, that asking for help is a sign of incompetence, or that everyone else has the very thing you’re struggling with all figured out? These misconceptions can lead us to isolate ourselves and feel shame about our own struggles. Ginny and Brandi are here to share the power of normalizing our human experiences and how it can dissolve shame and create meaningful connections between us. This is the first episode of a special 5-episode series we’re releasing called “Something To Normalize”.   Embracing the universality of human experiences that lead to deeper connections  Defining what it means to “normalize” something and how powerful it can be Recognizing and learning to tackle the risks associated with normalizing detrimental behavior and attitudes Harnessing the strength in vulnerability and cultivating spaces for open honesty Talking about difficult experiences as an antidote to shame Opening up about personal journeys while safeguarding your growth with healthy boundaries To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
  • The Power of Intentionality in Life with Quan Barry
    Eric and Quan Barry discuss the power of intentionality in life and art and some of the important themes that show up in her writing. Quan shares her insights on the importance of consciously feeding our thoughts and actions in positive ways. The conversation delves into the importance of creativity, the role of gratitude in personal growth, and the challenges of staying open to new experiences, as well as... How attention is a form of deep listening  The importance of living a deliberate life  How we can be satisfied and content AND still desire more The distinction between intention and ambition The importance of setting and keeping intentions for the path you are on Differentiating between setting intentions and setting goals Learning to trust your own voice and remaining open to other’s feedback Finding the nuance in labeling and defining oneself How a common fear is uncertainty and losing control The value in not being afraid to make mistakes To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

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About The One You Feed

So the parable goes, an elder speaking with his granddaughter says, "In life, there are two wolves inside of us that are always at battle. One is a good wolf, which represents things like kindness, bravery, and love. And the other is a bad wolf, which represents things like greed, hatred, and fear. " The granddaughter stops and thinks about it for a second. She looks up at her grandfather and says, "Well, which one wins?" And the grandfather says, "The one you feed."

When host Eric Zimmer was 24 years old, he was homeless and addicted to heroin. He made his way through addiction recovery and figured out how to build a life worth living. Now he pays it forward by helping people to feed their good wolf. 

That’s the whole premise behind The One You Feed podcast, named one of “22 podcasts that will motivate you to live your best life” by The Oprah Magazine. The One You Feed has also been nominated as one of iHeart’s Best Spirituality and Religion Podcasts of 2022, one of the best health podcasts of all time by the Huffington Post, and one of the best podcasts of the year by Apple Podcasts. 

With over 500 episodes and 30 million downloads and counting, The One You Feed podcast guests include scientists, authors, researchers, teachers, thought leaders, spiritual gurus, and public figures who all offer practical, actionable wisdom that you can readily apply to enrich your daily life.

Come for the fascinating topics and thought-provoking guests and stay for the excellent advice and nourishing conversations. The episodes are deep and inclusive, and you’ll learn something about yourself with each one.

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