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Call Of The Wild

Call Of The Wild

Podcast Call Of The Wild
Podcast Call Of The Wild

Call Of The Wild

Nature is in crisis, and this affect all of us. The environmental challenges that we face, from deforestation to climate change, are threatening our wildlife, b... More
Nature is in crisis, and this affect all of us. The environmental challenges that we face, from deforestation to climate change, are threatening our wildlife, b... More

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  • Saving Our Wild Isles – with Deborah Meaden, Nadeem Perera and Megan McCubbin
    UK nature can be incredible but it’s massively under threat. In this special episode of Call of the Wild from WWF-UK, Cel Spellman is joined by some amazing guests to work out what needs to be done to Save Our Wild Isles. Deborah Meaden, Investor and Dragon, tackles why industries need to get greener;  Nadeem Perera, TV presenter, author, activist and co-founder of the birdwatching collective Flock Together shares why access to nature needs to work for everyone; and zoologist and TV presenter Megan McCubbin, explains why our country isn’t as green and wild as it seems. All these issues are explored in a brand-new documentary on BBC iPlayer called Saving Our Wild Isles,  narrated by Sir David Attenborough, and produced by Silverback Films. It shares stories of passionate people across the UK who are working to bring nature back from the brink, and shows that the scale and pace of change so urgently needed to save nature in the UK is not only possible but is already happening. The documentary was commissioned by WWF, the RSPB and the National Trust, who have recently launched their first major campaign together calling for urgent action to halt the destruction of nature and help it recover.  And a huge thank you to the members of the People’s Assembly for Nature who we heard in this episode. Add your voice to the People’s Plan for Nature using the link below or by searching “Save Our Wild Isles” online. Together, we can make a difference. The wild is calling. It’s time to act.See for privacy information.
  • Living Planet Report – It’s Time to Act
    According to a new report from WWF, global wildlife population sizes have plummeted by 69% on average since 1970. The rate of decline is a severe warning that the rich biodiversity that sustains all life on our planet is in crisis, putting every species at risk – including us.    Using this critical report as a guide, join host, WWF-UK Ambassador Cel Spellman and Mark Wright, Director of Science at WWF-UK, on a whistle-stop tour around the world to find out about the health of our planet – and what nature desperately needs from us right now. With special thanks to Stephanie Jenouvrier from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Smriti Dahal, Manager of Conflict, Communities and Connectivity at Tigers Alive Initiative, WWF; and Welsh adventurer, explorer and wildlife biologist Lizzie Daly.  Use your voice. Join a national conversation on action to protect and restore nature in the UK and help hold our leaders to account on their promises:  Look after yourself. Our episode on Health & Wellbeing is here:              The Wild is Calling. It’s Time to Act. See for privacy information.
  • BONUS - Noga Levy-Rapoport
    “We've changed so much awareness, but now it's a tipping point. We need to go, ‘right, you know, things are really bad but please do not despair’. And if you do turn it into action now” – Noga Levy-Rapoport Join Cel Spellman in a bonus chat with climate activist Noga Levy-Rapoport. Noga has led climate strikes across the UK and was also named in Forbes Top 100 UK Environmentalists for their work on youth empowerment, educational reform and systemic change. Not only do they dig into the subject of identity, but they also explore the changes Noga wants to see in the environmental justice movement, as well as what gives them hope for the future of our planet.See for privacy information.
  • Identity – with Anjali Raman-Middleton, Noga Levy-Rapoport, and Alfie Bowen
    To wrap up season two, Call of the Wild are talking about identity and how our sense of identity influences our relationship with nature - including how empowered we feel to bring about positive change for the environment. Join actor and WWF Ambassador Cel Spellman as he meets some exciting guests shaking up the environmental space. Dr Karen Bell from the University of Glasgow explains how environmental justice and social justice intersect ; Anjali Raman-Middleton from Choked Up shares why she and other black and brown teens are campaigning for a new Clean Air Act; Noga Levy-Rapoport talks about their experiences of identity and fighting for the planet; and photographer, activist and author, Alfie Bowen, describes how autism gives him a unique view of the world and a creative way to help protect it. The Wild is Calling. It's Time to Act. See for privacy information.
  • BONUS - Ellie Goulding & Richard Curtis
    “We protect what we love. And so, you know, the more you fall in love with nature, reconnect with nature, the more you want to save it and protect it.” - Ellie Goulding This week’s bonus episode is another double-header. Join actor and WWF ambassador Cel Spellman and singer-songwriter, UN Goodwill ambassador, and WWF ambassador Ellie Goulding as they break down some of the biggest threats to our planet. Plus, hear from filmmaker and activist Richard Curtis about his journey to being an environmentalist.See for privacy information.

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About Call Of The Wild

Nature is in crisis, and this affect all of us. The environmental challenges that we face, from deforestation to climate change, are threatening our wildlife, biodiversity and ecosystems like never before. But it’s not too late. With education, science and collective action, we can bring our world back to life.

Call of the Wild is the award-winning podcast that's dedicated to raising awareness about the critical issues facing our world.

Join our host, Cel Spellman, a WWF ambassador, actor and presenter, as he teams up with wildlife experts and special guests from the worlds of the arts, science, culture and entertainment, such as Sir David Attenborough, Fearne Cotton, Richard Curtis and more, to explore the threats we're facing.

Discover how choices around food, lifestyle and money impact our environment and learn how using your voice and holding our leaders to account can make a difference.

We want to empower our listeners to take action and make a positive change. That's why we invite you to rate our podcast five stars, leave a review and join the conversation.

The Wild is calling. It's time to act. 

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